Tips for Successful Weight Loss

Weight Loss Tips

Throughout my childhood and teenage years I watched as my mother tried every fad diet under the sun. I recall one time she ate boiled cabbage and nothing else for a whole week. I felt my mothers’ frustration and misery, however I could not understand […]

Stillness, or Full Blast Life?

Stillness for Creative Life

If you read the same books I do, you may be reading that the Ego is what drives a person to desire anything. Some say that you do not need goals, or plans, or even ideas. You may be taught that all you need is […]

We Are the Five People We Associate with Most

People We Associate With

Last month I was invited to participate in a charity golf tournament in Las Vegas to celebrate the life of the late dancing legend Gregory Hines. The event was held to raise funds and awareness of the tragic disease that took this entertainer’s life. Although […]

How to Thrive with Change

Thrive with Change

There’s nothing more disconcerting, nothing you can count on more, and nothing more valuable to learn how to prepare for than change. I’m not talking about preparing for each individual change as it comes up. This is an inefficient and reactive way to operate. I […]

It’s Your Dream – Are You Using The One-Two Punch?

Your Dream

Have you ever noticed? There are some people who seem to know exactly what they want and how to get it. They move toward their targets with precision, and appear to achieve easily without goals or planning. They have a narrowed focus and motivation, reasons […]

Ways to Release

Release Control

“Releasing control of something is often that feeling of peace we all long for… let it flow like water…” ~Fran/Mysti~ How do we release things or situations that often keep us from receiving better and more abundance in our lives? I have heard people say “You […]

Smart Stress Strategy: Flex Your Spiritual Muscles

Stress Strategy Flex Spiritual Muscles

In his book, Stress Without Distress, Dr. Selye suggests that a person’s interpretation of stress is not dependent solely on an external event, but also depends upon the perception of the event and the meaning he or she assigns it. So, how you look at […]

Hot Cocoa: A Health Drink?

Hot Cocoa Health Drink

I never associated hot cocoa with good health. It was just a better, lower fat alternative to an intense craving for, let’s say, ½ pound of dark chocolate devoured in one sitting, or a really big slice of Mud Pie. But recently, hot cocoa has […]

Secret of Happiness in Life and Business!

Secret of Happiness

Let me begin by telling you a story… In Indiana, there lives a woman who works 8 hour days 6 days a week at a local computer company. We will call her “Barbara” for the sake of this article. Barbara dreads getting up in the […]

Fatigue: Tips to Help You Recharge Your Batteries

Recharge from Faitigue

Re-energizing your dead batteries will help you put fatigue to rest for good. A little effort and a positive attitude will perk you up in a flash. These simple energizing tips will give you new life. 1. Eat properly. Nutritious meals are number one in […]

Which Garden Will You Tend in the New Year?

New Years Garden

The New Year brings with it a right of passage, symbolizing a fresh start. I have mixed feelings during this time of year. Christmas brings a time of reflection, with the realization that another year in our lives has passed. We take a mental inventory, […]

5 Strategies for Lasting Change

Strategies for Change

“Be the change you wish to see.” Mahatma Gandhi In the last issue of Along The Purpose Path I told the story of a client who’s been working to make a change in her life. She wants to grow her business while at the same […]

Healing Properties of Gemstones and Crystals


When buying a piece of jewelry that is made with gemstones, you are buying more than just a pretty bracelet or necklace. Gemstones have a special quality in energy; this can help you in a very gentle way. Gemstones, rocks and minerals can be seen […]

Signs of Infidelity – 21 Categories of Telltale Signs

Infidelity Signs

With infidelity reaching epidemic proportions, every woman should learn how to recognize the telltale signs of infidelity. The future of her relationship could depend on her ability to spot the telltale signs in time. In view of the rapidly rising divorce rates, and current statistics […]

Life After Divorce

Life After Divorce

Sometimes I wake up and try to remember how I used to feel. Back when life had a shape, love had a focus, dreams a reality. I try to remember the feeling of my skin being touched, my heart being ignited like a fire catching […]