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Long Walk – Art Critique

Long Walk Oil Painting

Long Walk: Oil Painting by John Newell Magnifico! This is a painting you can feel. The impasto oil medium speaks like no other as the richly layered pigment boldly marks its space on the canvas. The relief-textured terrain pushes the eye laboriously as it traverses […]

The Slut


The word “slut” in itself has a demeaning tang to it. Like the word “scab,” the sound alone tells us that it can’t be all that pleasant. The origin of the word “slut is uncertain. The dictionary defines “slut” as “a dirty and untidy, slovenly […]

Hold the yoga. Pass the Xanex.

Santa Cruz Beach

This title is the first line of the feature article “Surf City Now Stress City”, published in the Santa Cruz Sentinel. Once known as a sleepy beach community, Santa Cruz, CA was associated with its main attraction, the Beach and Boardwalk, where Roller Coasters and […]

Help from the Grave

Help from the Grave

Christmas time always makes me remember my paternal grandfather. I had never known him in person because he died in a car accident when I was just a baby. A couple of years ago around Christmas time I learned what a caring person he must […]