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Tax Mistakes 90% of Self-Employed People Make

Tax Mistakes of Self Employed

Let me share a short story with you… A self-employed friend of mine came into may office the other day to have me do his taxes. He has been doing his taxes using a software program for years. In the past, he did his own […]

10 Simple Things You Can Do to Ease the Pain of Tax Time!

Tax Time Pain

Most of us dread the record keeping part of our business. But believe it or not, it doesn’t have to be that bad and it doesn’t require an accountant, or even an in depth knowledge of accounting to put a simple and effective system of […]

Tax Deductions for Your Home Business

Tax Deductions Home Business

The IRS bases your deductions on whether they are a direct expense or indirect expense. A direct expense is an expense that is exclusively business related. These expenses can receive a 100% tax deduction. These include advertising, equipment that is purchased for business use only […]