Downsized: Corporate Downsizing and the Road to Enlightenment

Corporate DownsizingI’ll start by sharing my story and how I ended up here before the layoff. Been doin’ the corporate world for awhile. Days were spent in my cublicle existence; where I marked my territory with small momentos of personal indivduality; pics of my son, a Sponge-Bob postit-holder, a framed, Chinese proverb…something about enlightenment through mindless, repetition?

This was to remind myself that I was more than a number AND to let other cubiclites know that I HAD A LIFE! Didn’t have time for it but I know it was out there somewhere: waiting for me…..

OK, I admit, I worked in a position that demanded a lot of creativity so it was not quite the brain-dead existence that I paint…and I was good at what I did. But, nevertheless, as I headed to the mailroom to pick up my daily Spam, I found myself aimlessly roaming the hall with that glazed-over, look of the zombie….dead man walking….. or dead woman…or whatever….

11 years at one company. WOW. Software…. Hmmm…. I LOVE TECHNOLOGY…but there has got to be more…

Well, as if a sign from above or my inner spirit or whatever…. the issue was addressed. I was one of the many victims of our current economy… I was laid off! Downsized! OMG! !

Here’s the dilemma. Wooo Hoooo. Freedom!!! But, wait! Money! I live in an area known for its ridiculously high cost of living. I’m struggling to make ends meet now! What will I do?

Time to take inventory. Money: ZIP! Relationship: ZIP! Passion: ZIP! Well, what do I have then? I have a son who has put me through hell in the last couple of weeks, but that I love to death, and who I support without assistance.

Thus, my downsizing journey begins….. Read the rest of my story…..

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