Four Essential Oils Used With Meditation To Relieve Stress

essential oils meditation stressMeditation has been recognized as one of the optimal ways to relieve stress naturally. However, meditating on a regular basis can be a challenge for even the most experienced spiritual guru.

Using essential oils during meditation can help make the process easier and can also provide greater stress relief benefits. But which essential oils should you use for stress releif and how should they be used for the greatest effectiveness?


Lavendar oil is the most common, popular and well-known of all the essential oils and is often referred to as the universal oil. This is due to it’s versatility and multitude of benefits (including stress relief).

Lavender oil is gentle on the skin and can, therefore, be applied directly to the skin. Place just one or two drops on the palms of your hands or on the inside of your wrists. Rub your hands or wrists together gently to release the fragrance near your face and inhale deeply at the start of your meditation. This will calm your mind and help prepare it for meditation.

Place your palms facing upwards on your folded knees so that you can continue to breathe in the fragrance for the duration of the meditation. Alternatively, bring your hands to your face in rhythm with your breathing at intervals to get a fragrance boost.

Caution: Don’t use more than two drops as this may overwhelm the senses and could irritate the skin.


Bergamot is a citrus based essential oil and is used to calm stress and anxiety while relieving the symptoms of depression.

Like most citrus based essential oils, Bergmot can cause skin irritation. It is best to use just a couple of drops, diluted, in a diffuser during meditation. The diffuser will heat the oil, releasing the beneficial properties into the air around you. It is recommended to heat the oil a couple of minutes before starting meditation to get the benefits from start to finish.

Used with a carrier oil, such as jojobo oil or olive oil, Bergamot can be applied topically and used the same as described above for Lavender oil.


Chamomile is more commonly used as an oral treatment for sleep disorders but is beneficial for stress and anxiety relief as an essential oil. The fragrance is very mild as is the oil and can also be used to calm and alleviate skin conditions such as hives and eczema which can be symptomatic of stress. Roman or German chamomile oils are most effective.

Chamomile essential oil is best used topically using some coconut oil as a carrier oil. Using a diffuser may mean that the mild fragrance is lost and will not be as effective.


Frankincense has a rich, luxurious fragrance and is one of the oldest oils used to alleviate stress, anxiety and depression.

Due to the intensity of this fragrance, it is best diluted and used in a diffuser rather than applied topically to the skin.

Caution: Frankincense has blood thinning properties and should not be used in those with blood clotting disorders.

When using essential oils, be aware of the dangers of putting the oil directly on the skin. For most oils, you should always use a carrier oil, such as, olive oil, coconut oil or most vegetable, nut, or seed oils. Never ingest essential oils without first seeking advise from a certified aromatherapist. To get the greatest stress relieving benefits from essential oils and meditation, different fragrances can be blended. Always make sure that only therapeutic grade essential oils are used.

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