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Captain Kangaroo

Post by Jimbo » Wed Jul 07, 2004 4:33 pm

%^& It was truly a sad day when the Captain said goodbye to his place here on earth,I grew up watching him every weekday morning and I felt as though I had lost a dear friend.I think the most unique thing about his show was that he never talked down to his audience and so the show was never beneath could literally grow up with it unlike most of todays childrens programing...i.e. Barney,Wiggles,etc.
To reply to the "RABBIT" query,he was simply known as Bunny Rabbit and he was always trying to finagle carrots from the good captain as he seemed to have a vision problem cued by the fact that he wore glasses.
Mr.Moose dropped PING PONG balls on the unsuspecting Captain and usually through a Knock Knock Joke and he did this to aid Bunny Rabbit in his plight to get the carrots.
As for the other great characters...Grandfather Clock,Magic Drawing Board,Dancing Bear,Mr. Greenjeans,Dennis the painter and the rest, I thank you all for the wonderful childhood memories and for keeping this kid company in the mornings before school began,I will never forget any of you.Mostly,I salute you my dear Captain for without you,I would not have been able to share this letter,from your beginnings as the original Clarabell Clown on the Howdy Doody show to the rich offerings on Captain Kangaroo you truly paved the way for quality childrens programing. My thoughts are with you Dear Friend. $#@

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Post by Mauveduh » Wed Jul 07, 2004 6:20 pm

Welcome to the forum Jimbo!

Finally, someone with a good enough memory to set the record straight. Bunny Rabbit, ahhh yes. And those carrots that he was always trying to get, no matter the it took.

A couple of brain cells just held hands again....
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