The Reign of the Third Horseman

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The Reign of the Third Horseman

Post by jondyri » Tue Jun 22, 2004 8:59 am

I am looking for help. Not help in the traditional sense. I don’t want your money. I do want your involvement and even your thoughts. In order to make myself clear, I need to tell you a little about the real me.

I have been an artist for most of my life. For almost 35 years, I have been working on a series of paintings loosely known as the Apocalypse. The whole thing started with my very first formal painting in 1970. I painted it in my art teacher’s office in my high school, Downsview Secondary School. It was a huge 4’ X 8’ watercolour. Not huge for an oil painting but definitely huge for a watercolour. The subject was Pollution and the painting became known as the Pollution Mural. In the painting, a fellow student noticed an image that he said looked like one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
I’d never heard of the Apocalypse, not having been a churchgoer for some years.

After leaving school, I decided to start painting seriously. It only took two paintings on my own before I started researching “The Apocalypse” as a possible subject. I wanted something dynamic, colourful and intriguing. In the fall of 1971, my first “large” painting, The Apocalypse was completed. I went on to paint “The Reign of the Second Horseman” (1974) and “The Reign of the First Horseman” (1980) in that order. All three were social commentaries. The latter two irrefutably predicted 9/11.

Since then, I have been working on and off, unsuccessfully, on the composition of the Reign of the Third Horseman. At first it seemed like a fairly simple project. The First Horseman has dominion over Politics and Religion. It was easy to tie him/her/it to past, current and future events. Same with the Second Horseman who has dominion over War and disputes of all sorts.

The Reign of the Third Horseman refused to come together. It turned out that the scope of the subject was much vaster than I’d imagined.

That’s where I need the help, but you need to understand how I arrived at my current crossroads in order to help intelligently.

In the Book of Revelations in the Bible, the Third Horseman has dominion over famine, that you can extrapolate to include food related illnesses:

“And when he had opened the third seal, I heard the third beast say, Come and see. And I beheld, and lo a black horse: and he that sat on him had a pair of balances in his hand.

And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine.”

On the surface of it, the subject matter might seem cut and dried. Indeed, in past generations that would be the case. But developments in the 20th century have complicated the Third Horseman’s purview. Like never before in world history the prospect of famine and its handmaiden, disease has been altered by the machinations of the Third Horseman’s minions: big business in all its multifaceted aspects, fueled by unparalleled greed and abetted by selective blindness in high places.

At first, I was sidetracked by man’s contribution to the highest rate of species extinctions since the age of dinosaurs. That diverted me for years by confusing the issue. Then there have been many environmental transgressions that humankind has perpetrated upon the earth. The scope of the extinctions and the environmental crimes together, kind of blew my mind when I tried to think of these things in any kind of comprehensible format. The challenge of composing a painting that would be able to deliver the message I wanted to convey seemed impossible, though I did try. I even started committing it to canvas about three years ago. It died a slow death and the stretcher frame warped into the symbol of infinity out of sympathy. That canvas was recently used up as the “Chair at Sunset” – a simple, powerful composition that did everything the original composition couldn’t. I needed to narrow the message and make it more personal and to the point. But how?

Concept evolution can take an instant or take months or years in gestation while you figure out how to make the painting “talk”. By far the quick and simple concepts are best and usually most profitable. But the ones that have to crawl out of the pores over months and years are often the most important to the artist. The gestation period, the convoluted thought processes and the life experiences that have to be lived in order to reach Eureka! marry these major works to the artist like nothing else can. For me, it took years of research and reflection on seemingly unrelated subjects for the issues and indeed the immense scope of the problem could even be stated coherently.

I did manage it, and in this case at least, art and life have become parallel lines that I hope will be reflected in the final product.

Simply stated, and reduced to its lowest common denominator, this is the nature of the situation we find ourselves in:

The global food supply has been systemically and almost totally corrupted at every level, and the basis for life on earth is threatened through mankind's activities. These are not new thoughts, but the way I am going to illustrate my points will be.

Here’s the thesis, then I’ll tell you what I need help with:

As a retail designer, I’ve had occasion to design all sorts of stores, but the ones people care about most are where their food comes from, whether that be from a fast food joint, a sit-down restaurant or a grocery store. Of those, grocery stores stand out because that’s where most of us go to buy the “raw materials” for our coming meals. These are meals of necessity rather than social convenience. You have to eat and drink to stay alive. That said, and given the paramount importance of safeguarding the interface between the producer (the farmer) and the consumer (the rest of us), you would expect these social mitochondria to be beyond the ability of any person, organization or government to violate.

Enter the Third Horseman.

Now think of your favourite grocery store as a disease terminal. A place where, on a weekly (or more often) basis, you go and spend the profits of your labours on your own tortuous demise courtesy of the machinations of the Third Horseman and his servants in the agriculture, food industry, medical, scientific, insurance and governmental cultures.

When a store is planned for construction, a series of floor plans are created. One of those plans is the merchandise plan. That is a plan that shows the exact placement of all the store’s merchandising fixtures to scale and notated with the future locations of all the products the store is expected to sell. Products are located according to how essential they are to the shopper’s needs. The more essential, the farther you have to walk to get them and usually those items are least profitable. The less essential a product is, the more accessible it is. Historically, the more essential a product is the less tampering has been done to it (except for dairy products).

“Tampering” with a food means extending its shelf life and/or making it taste better regardless of the impact (within locally legal limits) on the consumer’s health. Tampering nearly always involves deconstructing the food into a partial or fake food. In other words, it is no longer a whole food that provides the full natural complement of nutrition. Foods that have been tampered with and are thus “incomplete” almost always have consequences once ingested. Bad consequences for you the consumer. Laws govern how long it can take for the consequences to take effect. The time can not be so short that your illness can be readily identified with the food source. It is also important that the consumer have time to consume a vast multitude of altered fake foods so that no individual food source can be blamed. Laws only marginally acknowledge the effect of negative cumulative effect and long term interaction between food ingredients, although obesity has become a beacon for all that is wrong with the modern diet.

The message to buy and generate profit for the system is conveyed through marketing. Your well-being is not considered even if it is part of the message. Marketing gets the consumer into the store and has direct impact on buying decisions. But marketing has to get its products somewhere and from the farm, in most cases is where.

The day of the family farm is temporarily over. The factory farm is marketing’s rising star. Here-in begins the pact with the Third Horseman. The factory farm concept is the fair-haired child of Nazi concentration camps and remains the most flagrant success of the Third Reich. Modern farms differ from concentration camps in only two important aspects – the prisoners are fed and they are forced to live in their own shit. Not only are they fed, they are fed each other. (BSE or Mad Cow disease has slowed but not stopped this practice.) They are also fed massive amounts of drugs and hormones. Not for the animal’s good or yours. They are there to make the growing process faster and more economical. The animals and birds are housed in conditions of such mind boggling filth even the Nazis would have had problems with it. The conditions are so bad that factory farms destroy the aquifers (ground water reservoirs that take eons to create) below them that supply the drinking water for vast areas of land around them, causing illness and death to themselves and their neighbours (Owners – giant multinationals, typically live off-site). The air over around some factory farms casts a debilitating haze that rivals the smog that poisoned London for most of its industrialized history. As factory farms expand, so will the environmental desecration composed of poison air, soil and water.

To keep factory farms running “smoothly”, they are supplied by international chemical, pharmaceutical and genetic research industries that exist for the sole purpose of parting you from your money and ultimately your health as profitably as possible. Again, with the Third Horseman’s hand on the tiller, no thought is spared for the animals, the environment or you. Indeed, some breeds of chickens in the system can no longer even be called chickens because they are not born with all of the necessary parts. Beaks for instance. And don’t think for a moment that anything beyond what the animal needs to produce meat or milk is given consideration. It isn’t. This is intelligent life reduced to parts with breath. And also don’t think that domesticated animals don’t think nor have feelings like you and I. To refuse to do so is to ignore the growing evidence that animals aren’t dumb after all. In fact, scientists are finally admitting that animals are as intelligent as animal lovers have been saying they are for centuries. It turns out; it was the scientists and the religious leaders who were dumb.

The best that a domestic animal can look forward to these days is a merciful end in the slaughterhouse. Except that slaughterhouses are never merciful despite laws and inspections. You can’t neutralize the smell of a slaughter house so that an animal can’t tell where it is going the instant it senses the truck that is going to take it to “heaven” (your dinner plate). Slaughter houses are and have always been despicable in every sense of the word, but now due to factory farms and the prevalence and sheer volume of the molecular fecal matter, there is no way for anybody to keep the shit and urine and disease off of your dining room table despite what the laws say. Pass the chops? Have another piece of steak? Think about it…

Even the vegetables and grains we eat have not escaped the molecular filth or the scrutiny of the Third Horseman. Genetic research and giant feed and seed conglomerates have taken choice away from the farmer. Farmers have to plant what they are told to plant and how to ferilize, environment be damned. They have to buy their seed from prescribed sources. They can’t even save their own seeds for next year. The choice of what you are going to eat next year is now made in corporate boardrooms where your name or welfare never comes up.

The names that come up are invariably the names known in the giant food processing industry. Big money names. This is where the food rendering process starts. This is where food effectively stops being food regardless of the additives put into it. The rule of thumb is that if it comes in a package, and could not possibly have grown in the soil that way, you have no business eating it unless you want whatever the illness is that comes with it. And yes, you can walk the aisles of the supermarket with me in this painting and I will merchandise the shelves with the products and the diseases you buy with them. What a novel concept. They make you pay for the fake food and give you the disease for free. Thank you so much for that colon cancer sir, and I’ll just have a packet of diabetes there ma’am if you could be so kind… No really, my son won’t be needing his eyesight much after thirty; he ought to have lost his legs by then.

Food processing companies that provide baked goods, meat or dairy products for instance, are magician’s helpers who, for the most part began with no idea of the pervasive harm they would inflict on society. Their mission in life is to provide fake food and drink that tastes so good, it is addictive or as close to addictive as the law will allow. They are in it strictly for the money. They even consume their own products, stuff they die of the same as everyone else, and none the wiser. That’s the subtlety of the Third Horseman. In effect, processed food companies are the instruments of delivery for the Third Horseman.

The Horseman’s touch does not end there. If it did, the blight would be much easier to recognize and to fight. As a safeguard and truly artistic touch to the entire setup, the role of nutritionists has come to the fore. However, the nutritionists must bow in practically every instance to a doctor’s directive despite the fact that in most cases, the doctor has absolutely no comprehension of the healing value of natural foods or how to use them. Of course, the nutritionists don’t as a general rule either. So the safeguards exist much the same way as a plastic bag exists with no product inside it. Of course Nutritionists do know things, but their value is cut short by the limits on what they can legally say and by the abbreviation of their learning in a useful direction that omits common sense, in effect, lowering the entire profession to the level of the hot air inside the plastic bag through no fault of their own.

Our blighted nutrient delivery system has evolved into the very fabric of society and has become one with traditions and values around the world. Christmas, that time of peace, and contentment is swiftly followed by the sharpest mortality spike of the year. New Year’s celebrations take its toll and the lumps and bumps of mortality pop up through the year like malign skin cancers culling unwary consumers with impartial sweeps of the scythe. Of course death and degenerative disease don’t simply occur in the blink of an eye. The process is much more insidious than that. It takes years for the effects of processed food to manifest themselves as a result and the opportunity to pull one’s head out of the fateful noose is there almost right to the end for most people. Except that they have no real idea of the game they are playing or what the rules are.

The Medical Profession, the Medical Research community, the Pharmaceutical conglomerates, the Medical Device industry and the Insurance industries have all learned some of the rules and applied them to their profit and your loss. They have learned that food related illness can be nurtured. Once a person has shown signs of affliction, that person is likely on the long slow road to failing health. The longer and slower the road, the more profitable for everyone concerned. This slow road is popularly named “The Aging Process”. This gives the condition a sense of inevitability that fits in very nicely with degenerative disease brought about by poor diet.

The Life Insurance industry is a Johnny-Come-Lately to the realities of 21st century nutrition. The keys to the date you will actually die is written on your grocery bills, barring accidental death. Once mortuary tables have had sufficient time to plug in the relationship between the garbage that you eat and your physique, they will be able to schedule you for coffin or cremation within a month of the actual date. They will also be able to schedule the medical care you will need along the way, in the order you can be expect it using that same information. What do you think all those free air miles are for? Your good health? Dream on.

Financial Institutions on the other hand are already profitting from the boom created by the fake food industry and will continue to do so in the face of legislation as they will simply modify their offerings to keep them marginally legal. But the profits will still rise because all the expensive infrastructure development has already been done and you and I paid for it.

Nowhere is the exact opposite so clearly illustrated as it is in Negroid populations untainted by “civilized” food delivery “techniques”. In their cultures and in other aboriginal cultures, the ravages of old age are not apparent until advanced old age. That is degeneration of the tissues. In societies afflicted with civilized food, the onset of old age maladies starts at the mother’s breast.

Poor diet is a flexible condition that can be enhanced in the broadest sense of the word with drug therapies of every description. Even better, drug therapies can be stacked as the patient develops diseases as a result of earlier food generated illnesses. Once a person is firmly “hooked” on a disease, a whole range of technological innovations can be incorporated to prolong the life of the victim.

It is interesting to note that the root of these pernicious diseases lies for the most part with European civilization and they have been meticulously tended and expanded upon in a most thorough manner to the point where many diseases have become part of human DNA. No other species in history has so willfully mutilated and mutated itself to its own detriment like Homo sapiens. And western man in particular, in the spirit of Christian generosity has inflicted its vast palette of degenerate, disease-ridden food habits on most other formerly untainted civilizations around the world. It should be noted that when the blight of European civilization reached North America, disease did not spread from west to east, it spread from east to west and the death toll was catastrophic. And there-in lies a truth couched in historical fact: it is Christianity that, with the best of intentions, has literally contaminated the food and water supply of the entire planet and ruined or ended the lives of untold millions for centuries past and more centuries yet to come. That’s why it is a Christian concept – The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse – that has become the icon for the doom of the human race. What an irony! Massive death and destruction for God’s sake. Despite centuries long sophisticated learning, the horse and the printing press, Western culture had it wrong and aboriginal societies had it right –right from the beginning.

I don’t believe any intelligent God would be amused…

So western medical practice has had many generations of learning to deal with the results of bad nutrition without ever learning the real causes of the maladies they were dealing with despite the fact that the recipes for good health were right there in the bible they were all supposed to be reading as “good Christians”. Modern technology can only make things worse as the entire food chain undergoes assault from genetic tampering cloaked in the mystique of scientific jargon and backed by the twin towers of higher education and government sanction.

The beauty of the system from the Third Horseman’s point of view is that society is duped into thinking that scientists actually know what they are doing when in fact they have yet to master the common cold – a feat easily conquered by novice nutritionists. Scientists, it turns out, don’t know much outside their narrow fields of research. Therefore, any pronouncement from scientists who can’t even describe how functional regularity is attained and managed should be viewed with extreme skepticism. That is because any scientific pronouncement needs to be viewed from its impact and relevance to the gestalt - the whole thing - the whole world. Everything on this planet is connected. When one thing is changed without regard for the impact on another environmental element, chaos is more often than not, the result. The thing is, we don't hear about those environmental crimes until the tracks of the perpetrators have been covered. Scientists are not trained to view the big picture. They cannot anticipate the disasters their activiities cause. For instance the biggest effect that medical aid to Africa has had has been the rapid extinction of species and habitats, the desertification of the continent due to the disappearance of the elephant and the escalation of famine and diseases such as Aids and Ebola. Unfortunately for Africa, the worst is yet to come.

In fact the care of the entire food supply has been entrusted to chains of people who not only have no idea what they are doing; they have no incentive to learn anything different. These people, as ignorant as they are, have the collective power to pervert and degrade the genome of the entire human race within the span of a few generations. How? Because they are your government representatives, doctors, scientists, lawyers, you name it. They are well placed, entrenched and practically invulnerable to reason and common sense –there is no financial incentive in telling a patient with a stomach ulcer to drink cabbage juice to cure the ulcer despite the fact that cabbage juice is the only known cure and is completely free of side effects. There is no financial incentive to healing a child’s infected ears by clearing up bowel problems with a high fiber, fresh vegetable diet. The doctor would lose income by not performing the operation. The drug manufacturers would lose income from drugs that were not needed. The plastics industry would lose when the lucrative income from plastic tubes that would have been inserted into the child’s ears were no longer required as part of the therapy. The manufacturing sector would lose, as the skills and equipment needed for the machinery to develop the plastic tubes were no longer needed. Even the nurse booking the patients would lose because the child would not need the infrastructure behind the fake “cure”.

Certainly that was a vast over simplification, but it illustrates, in a small way, the extent to which our bizarre food procurement methods have warped global society. Every aspect of the food system and every aspect of health care is riddled with and constructed upon a foundation of lies, deceit and even innocent misinformation. Our entire civilization has been shifted from one where clean food and water were sacrosanct to one where the latest generation of children has no idea what real food actually is and have never tasted a drop of clean untainted, unprocessed, natural water in their entire lives. Very few people alive on the planet today can profess to have drunk such water in the last few years of their lives. For the most part, over most of the world, there is no clean, fresh water left above or below ground. It has been consumed or polluted by human activity. And don’t forget, life as we know it depends on clean water for its survival. Not just us, every living thing on the planet.

There are no large clean, natural sources of water left in Europe, the United States (lower 48), Asia, Africa or the Middle East. Where there is clean water, it is either inaccessible or in the process of being contaminated. Canada, the most water rich nation on earth, is polluting its accessible water as fast as is financially possible while minimizing and ignoring public outcry. In Canada, one of the more intelligently run nations on earth, it has been determined that it is legal for its politicians to lie in order to be elected. What does that tell you about the future of the food supply and the environment in Canada?

For the most part, the solutions to the entire conundrum are right there in the bible, but there isn’t a Religious faith on the planet that understands what it is even after all these years.

Now to the point. The help I’m looking for is to obtain images, logos and stories from all over the world that can be incorporated into my next Apocalyptic painting: The Reign of the Third Horseman. The images don’t need to be copyright free because in the course of adding them to the painting, they will be changed enough to negate copyrights. I’m not looking to copy anything as it is although in some cases, the painting will become a collage of images. For instance, George W. will certainly be a feature. I will use actual packaging from well-recognized brands like Burger King, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Monsanto, to name a very few and new ones like chocolate covered pork fat in the Ukraine. The reason I want the help is so that my work does not reflect only the issues that are well known in North America. I want a global perspective because it’s a global problem. I’m also going to do the painting/collage in such a way that it can become a living expanding work of art that can reflect new developments. How I’m going to do that? You will just have to wait and see.

So those of you out there with your local horror stories, you are the people I hope to hear from. I’d like to hear your stories and your opinions. If you have photos of local issues that you might think appropriate, then I’d like to see those too. The way to do it is to PM me via this site.

This painting is, I suppose, a classic case where one person can be said to make a difference. But I have no doubt that this attempt to make a difference will go nowhere without a lot of like-minded people buying into the idea. And that’s all this is so far – an idea. Let’s give it some legs okay? Because that is where, in a gloomy subject like this one, the hope comes in. Most good works of art are studies in contrasts. What I hope to do with this work is to enter it in juried art competitions where it will receive public exposure and get talked about in the media. At sometime, if I do a good job, it will assume a life of its own and carry the message with it.

I will post this painting, as it develops, so that people can see how it’s coming together. That might stimulate ideas and vital criticisms that will make the composition stronger.

Thanks for your time. I hope to hear your views soon.

Copyright June 22, 2004 Jondy Retail Interiors Inc.


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Post by Mauveduh » Wed Jun 23, 2004 12:00 am

I certainly look forward to seeing the development of this piece after reading this descriptive testimony. It sounds like a major undertaking and my couriosity is arroused. I'm still digesting all of the information.

I will also look into your login issue.
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I have just reset the password. Send any contributions for this work via Private Message, to username: jondy. Thanks.
You cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.--Mark Twain

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