Hippo and Snake

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Hippo and Snake

Post by Mauveduh » Thu Jul 15, 2004 11:55 pm

Hippo and Snake is the latest painting by John Newell.

I'm always amazed...What an impressive collection that is, when you see all of those works together. It takes a special passion that few people have to dedicate themselves to the momentum of continual production of this type. But it's unbelievabley wonderful too. It's an intense process to produce a painting or any work of art, as everyone has felt. You have to manifest a vision or a thought into tangible form through a purging process. It's giving birth. To do that on a continual basis takes a quiet volcano of emotion, mixed with the pysical, and a multitude of analytical processes from the most basic level on up. You use so many areas of the brain creating and interpreting art.

hmm..... It's really sad to see the arts not get the credibility that science has and is the first thing to go in the classroom, as we saw this year.

Anyway, I get carried away.... enjoy.

"This is the third painting of a series I've done on this one upland stream that flows into Mazinaw Lake in Northeastern Ontario. I had just crossed the stream at this point and looked back and saw this rock that looked like a hippo. When I blew it up on the computer screen, there was a branch that looked a bit like a snake. This was the first painting of the three I started but it turned out to be the most challenging to complete due to the pine needles. These three paintings are very different from any of my other paintings because of the amount of final glaze I used to top coat them. It really makes the colours glow and adds a lot of depth, but that doesn't show up in a photograph.

The stream was only about 36" wide or so at this point and at some points, the stream is only a foot wide. This painting is my favourite of the three. It makes me feel really good just looking at it. Someday, the hippo may come to life and just walk right out of the picture." -John Newell

You cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.--Mark Twain


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many thanks

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Hippo and Snake

Post by Thomasrer » Sat Apr 30, 2016 1:54 pm

If it was yesterday it must have been in the morning say between 10am - midday.

It was the main forum index on the subsilver theme. The view latest post was right under the last person who posted in that sub-forum.

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