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Post by ldd1961 » Thu Dec 23, 2004 2:16 pm

I'll use this spot to post some of my stuff (the shorter pieces). But I WARN YOU!!! ... i'm just a little twisted, sometimes ... (heeeeeeeeeeee) on with the freak show:

Here is one I call Lucifer's Story --- why this one came to me at Christmas time, I cannot explain!

Lucifer’s Story

Lucifer was a bright lad ---
Just lost track, of the good he had.
He kept gathering knowledge,
Till his mind was like an a-mazing hedge!
He reached a point, where his brain would explode!
A passion for more --- until his heart overflowed!
And that’s when he got kicked out of Heaven ---
God would not forgive him, seventy-times-seven …
He made a good point; but it wasn’t heard.
He’s better-off in Hell, than living the Life of the Absurd!
Lucifer, Lucifer, Lucifer ---
Angel of Light!!!

(Copyright – Thursday, December 23rd, 2004 – L. Dwayne Decker)

While I no longer practice Satanism or daemon-worship (just kidding) … I have always been suspicious of the heavy-handed Biblical-slant given to the few facts we are told about Lucifer. So, I have decided to take a light-hearted perspective (forgive the pun … or not)! By the way, when Lucifer did leave Heaven, what happened to the “Angel of Light” position? Did some other angel get to fill his shoes? Or, is the job still open? I mean, hey! I could always use a job with a decent benefit plan … And, think of the frequent flyer miles I could rack up!!! ldd

Let me know what you think --- I don't mind! I got big shoulders! (lol)

Give a hug, get a hug -- make a difference!

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