a modern square is not a round face

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a modern square is not a round face

Post by jenniebeauty » Sun Jul 14, 2019 1:33 am

william lepec. in the summer of 2008, i worked on a shorter sections on the c? as with the volume, length, on the top. there is a return to cut new wave inspired by the 1980s, the fast mode. with this type of hair, we can work with the movement, forward or backward, and the change of style from day to day, and from morning to night.
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and the c? health of women.
w. l, which is a box, it is square. we're in a square in the pure state, with a right edge, but still with technical tricks. the cup is made of fa? we provide a fluid, which is a square that is plunging, but light. today, we are in the era of the burner, the fluid is cut, allowing different styles buy full lace wigs, depending on the time of topping.

the square is going to face?
development: it has the great advantage to everyone, if they are well placed, in particular with the length of the front. on the basis of the edge, whether it exists or not, we can make a face. then the square off the back of my neck, and highlights the oval face, the tip. a modern square is not a round face.

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