Protect hair from attack

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Protect hair from attack

Post by jenniebeauty » Sun Aug 04, 2019 7:47 pm

Fatty hair needs 100% purity to restore its purity due to overproduction or unbalanced diet. We do not rub the scalp rubbing, carefully rinse, as far as possible to dry the hair in the air, in order to avoid overheating the scalp. Dry cleaning can be used to keep shampoos apart.

Dry hair care
Oil wash, conditioning, mask. Dry hair needs nutrition Preferential care and active substances, such as butter or glycerin, are a way of hydrating fibers. Don't forget to use serum to bring luster.
Protect hair from attack

Hair suffers multiple injuries from hair dryers to the sun To protect them, specific care (thermal or solar protectors) is being considered.
The sun dries hair fibers lace front wigs uk, degrades the skin and makes hair poorer, thus naturally clarifying blonde hair. Therefore, it is necessary to protect her hair from the sun to maintain its vitality.
Nursing care for preventing sun hazards

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