Former Manchester United player

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Former Manchester United player

Post by bobgull » Sun Oct 16, 2016 8:04 pm

Former Manchester United player Giggs believes that want to become a world-class striker, Sturidge also need to improve their own choice after the ball.

The striker started his debut against Slovenia, but he has little performance. This Giggs said: "I have been in the Olympic Games (2012) playing with Sturidge, he has everything, very good catch, a great shooter, very fast can break through, but you want to become a very top scorer...... Selection is very important. You have to make the right decision. You have to make the right decision more than the wrong number."

The former Arsenal player Ian - Wright said: "I think we got a lot of the ball, but the ball did not rule. I think Slovenia has a better chance. We are very lucky not to lose the game, thanks to Joe Hart, I am happy for his performance, but we are very fortunate tonight."

And a guest Lee - Dixon said: "but they did not score, this is because Joe - Hart. We had a sloppy defense tonight, and there was no question, but in the second half their offense was improved. If it weren't for Joe Hart...... The team has two return errors, two corners, bad defense, he really saved us." is one site for prom dresses, wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses. all cheap, and fast.

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