Healing Properties of Gemstones and Crystals

When buying a piece of jewelry that is made with gemstones, you are buying more than just a pretty bracelet or necklace. Gemstones have a special quality in energy; this can help you in a very gentle way.

crystalsGemstones, rocks and minerals can be seen as a very slow lifeform. Here on this planet we are surrounded by petrified life that was formed long before human beings counted for much, or were so many! Our energy is so hectic that it can benefit from gemstones quite a bit.

The influence of gemstones is very subtle in nature and their qualities should be seen in that light. For instance, if you have broken a leg, putting a crystal on it is not going to give an immediate effect. However, if you wear that crystal so it can calm you down and help you accept that you have to take things slow because you have broken your leg, then it is helping you to its best ability.

I always encourage people to intuitively choose the right gemstone for them. If it feels right, trust me, it’s the right one for you. There are many lists available on how to use which gemstone for what ailment. Even though this can be handy, it cannot beat your own intuition. If you think you cannot do that, just let your hand decide. Whatever your hand picks is probably the right one for you. Or if it seems to jump out of the picture to you, go for that one!

Even better: some gemstones will have a positive effect no matter what the circumstances, such as rock crystal quartz or pink crystal quartz (see pictures). Rock crystal is excellent for clearing a space – or your head – of energies that do not belong there.

gemstone crystal braceletPink quartz brings harmony to a room. Of course the stone is about L-O-V-E, not just for others but very much about love for self. And since this is a quality that many people are lacking, I always recommend it. Wear it to your heart’s content!

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Armande Borghardt is a European jewelry designer who creates one of a kind jewelry pieces with materials such as gemstones, handmade beads and vintage beads. Armande’s unique jewelry can be purchased online: http://www.inspiredjewelry.net

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