Help from the Grave

Help from the GraveChristmas time always makes me remember my paternal grandfather. I had never known him in person because he died in a car accident when I was just a baby. A couple of years ago around Christmas time I learned what a caring person he must have been. On a cold day in December I went to fetch my grandfather’s chair. It had been in my grandmother’s house for as long as I could remember but she didn’t have room for it anymore when she moved to a retirement home. Nobody wanted it but I had always liked it. It was also a good reason to visit my grandmother who lived in another part of the country.

After a lovely visit with my gran, the chair and I went back home. It looked like snow. While driving I started to feel a bit odd. I had a very funny feeling in the pit of my stomach. This went on for some time and all of a sudden I decided it might be a good idea to get something to eat. I made a sudden stop at a gas station and parked the car right in front and took my purse. As I looked up I saw everyone at the gas station looking at something on my left.

Only then did I notice that an oncoming car had swerved over to the other side of the road and had driven itself ON to the railing!! It must have made a tremendous noise but I hadn’t heard anything. A confused senior citizen was being helped out of the car, he was fine. The wheels were still spinning. I was in a bit of a dazed state so it did not quite register and I went in to get something to eat.

I went on my way again and then it hit me! I would have had a head on collision with that car if I had not suddenly gotten off the road. Something had made me pull over at that gas station.

Later I told the story to my dad and he turned a little pale. He was shocked. He told me something I had never known: my grandfather had died on that same road, less than 100 feet from that exact same spot! He had been killed instantly by an oncoming car that had swerved to his side of the road.

I couldn’t believe my ears, but I had to come to the conclusion my grandfather must have watched over me that evening. It made me feel very special that our loved ones are always looking after us, even from the other side.

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Armande Borghardt is an intuitive artist who loves to create beauty, through her hands, her camera and her words. She incorporates her spiritual knowledge into her jewelry, taps into the universe for accurate tarot readings and applies her unique view of the world to her photography.
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