Irfanview Image Resize Tutorial

How to crop, resize, and save images with IrfanView

IrfanView is a powerful little program and it’s free. It can be downloaded here.

IrfanView Image Tips:

If you are resizing images for the Web, make them as small in file size as possible, without compromising visual quality. There are several ways to reduce the file size that won’t be covered in this tutorial, however; these instructions will provide a good starting point to create usable pictures for your projects and for the Web.

Irfanview Resizing TutorialWhen preparing images for the Web, try to keep file sizes as small as possible to avoid long page load times. 72ppi (pixels per inch) is the standard resolution for the Web images. If you are preparing images for print, the resolution will be higher, somewhere in the 300 range for good quality.

Crop Images

1. Open image in IrfanView

2. Click and drag your cursor diagonally to select the portion of the photo you want to keep

3. Select the Edit Menu

4. Select Crop selection (cut out)

IrfanView Resize Resample ImageResize Image

1. Select Image from the Menu

2. Select Resize/Resample

3. Select your width or height size, NOT both.

4. Make sure the Preserve Aspect Ratio button is checked so that the height and width size will automatically calculate itself to keep proportion ratio. Otherwise the image will be stretched vertically or horizontally causing distortion.

5. If you are reducing your file significantly or need a sharper image, select the sharpen after Resample box.

IrfanView Save FileSave File

1. Select File from the menu

2. Select Save As

3. Select your file type. We are using JPG for this example, which works well for photos.

4. The box at the top controls the file size with the slider bar. The farther to the right, the larger the file size.

(The lower the file size, the lower the picture quality.) Keep file sizes small for the Web to keep loading times manageable. You can install one of IrfanView’s plugins to enable Save for Web to automatically optimize images for the Web.

There are many other things that IrfanView can accomplish. Download IrfanView and give it a try!

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