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Long Walk Oil PaintingLong Walk: Oil Painting by John Newell

Magnifico! This is a painting you can feel. The impasto oil medium speaks like no other as the richly layered pigment boldly marks its space on the canvas.

The relief-textured terrain pushes the eye laboriously as it traverses each fiery brush stroke of the voluminous mounds of the horizon. Sketchy veins of opposing hues are threaded delicately throughout to allude to recessive shadow, while maintaining a 2-dimensional delineation of space. Tension is heightened with the use of the 3-dimensional quality in texture.

The juxtaposition of this same technique rendered with analogous Van Gogh yellows gives a softer feel to the landscape. Diminutive figures have embarked on their seemingly endless journey. There is no end in sight, yet they have no choice but to continue on their way to their destination. The unknown promise awaits.

This may be a journey of the artist through the ruins of ill health as he fights ferociously, and at the same time, walks softly while traveling the path of the healing process. Both unyielding strength and restful passiveness are necessary to heal. These are the colors of decay; but they are also the colors of life. The bold, expressionist approach in applying the paint and the saturation of hue demonstrate the determination and strength wielded as weapons in this journey. We see both the blood of our mortality and the intangible energy of pure life-force of the sun.

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