Stillness, or Full Blast Life?

Stillness for Creative LifeIf you read the same books I do, you may be reading that the Ego is what drives a person to desire anything. Some say that you do not need goals, or plans, or even ideas. You may be taught that all you need is silence. Some will encourage you to “do nothing”, and in this nothingness lies the absolute wholeness of who/what you are. For some, that may be perfect. And if it is? Yeah. Rock On.

I would like to offer an additional perspective. It is our Divine Heritage to Create. Creation is a verb. All things created from Love are driven by Spirit.

Rather than dictate one way or another, why not leave some honest space for all light filled thought forms? Stillness as Bliss, AND Creation as Bliss? That sounds like a good idea.

What if my idea of Heaven includes moments of deep silence AND magnificent creation? What if my Higher Ups show me visions that include not sitting. What if I totally bliss out on a snappy melody, or a dramatic play someone came out of stillness to create? What if I don’t wanna sit under a tree 24/7 and contemplate stuff? I like to do this sometimes. I see the value in these things, but I don’t find these quiet moments enough to satisfy my soul urge. There is more that touches me deeply.

I access God everyday in the laughter of a sick child, or the tears of a new mother. This is where I find God; in life. Inward life and outward life. It is all the same.

There are teachers who will tell you that you must go deep, deep within to find your true joy. “Do not seek it in the world,” they say.

The world is full of joyful opportunity. Each day, there is a chance to see your Self. Each day you have a chance to embrace life and the force behind it. What could be better? To see Love and Light manifest in the beauty of Grandmother’s beautiful flower garden.

Why would anyone view this incarnation as a holding pattern? Just asking.

What on earth should I do if I have a great idea? Should I file it under, “It’s an illusion. Be still and know peace?” Or, should I jump joyously into the mix of creation and know MY peace through full blast living from a wide open heart? I don’t disagree with the illusion thingy. I love those books. But, I have some fresh ideas about this world and my experience of it. Maybe it will resonate, maybe it won’t.

As someone on a dedicated journey home to Light, I don’t accept that I have to begrudge myself a creative life, my inheritance, while I’m living in this world. I choose Life. I choose to create that which I am led to create without guilt that I am doing too much and thereby investing in dreamy uselessness. Does this mean I am stupid? Let’s hope not. I know what matters in the present, which is right where I am standing.

I must create. I have no choice. My soul cries out to touch every aspect of my multi layered being. Maybe this is not the calling for others. Maybe their soul is indeed touched in quiet ways. How kind a God to allow for a variety of heart openings.

Whatever path you take home is the good path, the right path, the sacred path. It’s All Good. Source wants nothing more than for you to be happy; whatever that looks like. Your heaven looks exactly like you want it to. Moments of deep silence and breath are wonderful. I use quiet meditation to help me each day. And moments of soulful creation are wonderful too. There is treasure to be found in both. You don’t have to sacrifice one for the other.

You get to decide where and how to access your Highest Self. It may be more in stillness, or more in creation, or both. You will experience God when you have stopped worrying whether or not you are experiencing God right. The quiet and awakened soul understands that all expressions and receptions of love are maximal and whole, and All Is Well.

About the Author

Sheree Rainbolt-Kren (c) Sheree is a wife and mother living in South Florida. She is a certified Reiki Master/Teacher and hosts several, free online spiritual forums focused on self development and spirituality.

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