Successful Self-Sabotage Strategies

Self Sabotage TechniquesSelf-sabotage doesn’t come easily to everyone. If you need a helping hand to sabotage your projects, let these six easy-to-use-approaches show you how to proceed.

1. Fill your life with clutter

It takes a fair amount of time, space, and dedication to be successful. To sabotage your success, simply clutter up your life with meaningless objects and activities.

Overcommit at all costs. Fill each day with so many meetings and appointments that you can’t possibly get to any of them on time or relax and pay attention when you do.

Set no boundaries. Encourage family, friends, and neighbors to call or drop by at any time of the day or night, without first checking on your plans.

Be a gatherer. You’ll know you have enough junk when you can no longer find a place to hang your hat or place your feet as you edge your way through your home or office.

Tip: Artificial flowers, ornaments, cuddly toys, and gossip magazines are helpful here. They eat up your money, too, so you’re sure not to have enough left for meaningful products and pursuits.

2. Be ambivalent

Ambivalence ranks high on the self-sabotage scale. Useful strategies to attain maximum ambivalence are lack of vision, lack of purpose, and the secret desire to let others do and decide things for you.

Useful ambivalence aids are anything small and cute with big eyes. They ensure your loyalties are divided, and that opens the ways for the Big Big Burden: GUILT. Guilt will trip the wire to your conscience and unleash a 100 percent load of self-sabotage to help you maintain your uncertainty.

Cultivate indecisiveness. On no account should you use the terms “yes” and “no” and “I want” or (may heaven forbid)” priorities” when making decisions. Always prefer “maybe,” ” it depends,” and “I don’t really know…”

Tip: To achieve full effect, persuade yourself that you, your needs, and your talents are meaningless in the greater scheme of things.

3. Refuse support

On no account should you accept support or encouragement of any kind, especially if might be remotely suitable. It’s rumored that some people can be successful all on their own-ios, but most folks need the occasional hand-up and pat on the back.

Find poisonous pals. The best sabotage takes place when you seek support in the wrong places. Ask your rivals for help. They’ll be only too happy to point out your weaknesses.

Don’t accept genuine support. On no account should you take classes or book professional support and services.

Tip: Make a special effort to ask other amateurs or your mom or the guy at the gas station. None of them will know what you’re talking about, but at least they’ll smile kindly when they don’t say so to your face.

4. Demand immediate results

A surefire way to sabotage your success is to demand that you produce immediate results. This will ensure that your creativity blocks and your thought processes freeze up.

Get frazzled! Quality thinking takes time. By taking care to pack your time with activities — the more inane the better — you can be fairly confident you’ll cripple your ability to come up with far-reaching, innovative solutions to pressing problems.

Tip: chat shows, reality TV, and tabloid (ahem) “newspapers” rate quite high on the inanity scale. On no account should you free up time and thought capacity by removing them from your daily schedule.

Don’t forget to panic when you don’t get results.

5. Cultivate fear and perfectionism

Panic is a wonderful way to create long-lasting fear. Fear is a powerful success prevention strategy! Fear will stop you before you even start!

Listen to your doubts. Pay close attention to the voices warning you of dangers. Let them remind you of your past failures and embarrassments. Let them alert you to the dangers of pride and to the ridicule that await those who dare to step outside the protective anonymity of the crowd.

Give yourself a boredom booster. Strive to be upright and straight-faced at all times. On no account should try to introduce an element of playfulness into anything you do.

Pay homage to perfection. Advanced students can couple fear with perfectionism and triple the sabotage effect!

Tip: Memorize a few useful lines, like “The tall tree gets cut down” or “Who would want that anyway?” or “You WHAT…?”

6. Focus on your shortcomings

Turn sabotage into a group experience! Instead of poking holes in your projects alone, throw a picky party and invite your pals to help you.

Point out your weaknesses and invite folks to ride around on them… please! On no account should you admit to possessing any strengths, and under no circumstances should you draw attention to your expertise and strong points.

Spend most of your time trying to remedy weaknesses rather than building on strengths. Don’t consider outsourcing tasks that bore you or overtax your resources.

Tip: Start every sentence with a variation of “I know this is no good, but….” I promise you that folks will be only too happy to affirm your fears.

Warning: Should you fail on any of these points, you run the risk of becoming successful. Success is to be avoided at all costs, because it places you in the spotlight and allows people to see you as a unique and creative being. Worse, if you get a taste of success, you run the risk of becoming addicted and wanting more. You know the saying, “Success breeds success”? It’s true! So start your personal success prevention campaign now, or succeed at your peril!

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