Tips to Take Great Selfies

Tips to Take Great SelfiesHere’s for all of you selfie-takers posting on Social Media. I know you are out there. God knows we’ve seen you all over our texts, facebook, Instagram, and any social networks we come across. Don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with a great selfie. Much love and props to you for going for it. Here’s how to get the best from it to create those perfect selfies.

1.Natural intensity. Try to look natural and relax your mouth. Take a deep breath and a long exhale and strike your pose. Avoid those duck lips or kissy faces. They really aren’t the most flattering. A nice, natural smile wins every time. Or strike a serious pose with some intensity in the eyes, but remember to “relax that mouth”.

2. Don’t overdo the makeup. You don’t want to look like you worked on your makeup for hours for the photo, unless a deliberately contrived shot is what you are going for. A lighter, natural look gives a feeling of spontaneity and fun, which is always a good look. Highlight your cheeks, chin and forehead to give your skin a glow.

3. Lighting is everything. Soft natural light through a window or doorway is the most flattering to light your face. When outdoors, position the sun behind you, but block it with your head. You won’t be all squinty and the light won’t be so harsh on your features. Just make sure there is enough light so that your face isn’t completely shadowed.

4. Angle it. Practice in the mirror to “find your best angles”. Try various poses and do some practice shots. Don’t look straight at the camera when taking a shot from the front. Choose your best side and turn your head a bit at about a 3/4 degree angle.

5. Camera level. Control the feel of what you want to convey. Hold the camera up above eye level for a demure look. A shot from slightly below eye level gives a more confident appearance.

6. Neck stretch. Pull your neck up and out. Elongate your body and pull up to showcase your inner elegance and avoid those double chins.

7. Aha! Give yourself an aha moment. Solve a problem in your head and the moment the answer comes to you, snap that photo.

8. Filter it. Still not satisfied? Use an app or filter to enhance or vary your look and have fun with it!

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