Top 10 Tips for Web Store Design

Web Store Design1. Provide enough information and samples of your products or services to allow your potential customers to reach buying decisions on their own. Self-service is the best service on-line.

2. Automate as much of your on-line processes as possible. Deliver digital products on-line.

3. Let your customer decide which method of ordering to choose. Provide several ordering options: mailing address, fax, phone, and secure on-line ordering.

4. Use a commerce package that allows you to calculate sales tax and shipping cost in real time. Your customers will want to know the total cost of their orders before placing them.

5. Establish a privacy policy and post it at your Web store. Let your customers know it is safe to shop at your site. Show them that you respect their privacy.

6. Use a shopping cart program. Shopping carts let your shoppers browse through your store, adding or removing items before they check out and pay for the goods.

7. Establish a “no questions asked” money back guarantee. You must make it safe for customers to do business with you by taking all the risk.

8. Create affiliate or reseller networks for your products or services. Let other Web sites do the marketing for you.

9. Train your employees. They need to learn new skill so that you can adapt your business processes to the Internet.

10. Develop post-sales support. Establish communication wit your customers immediately after the sale. Let them know the order was received and when they can expect delivery. Tell your customers what a great decision they made ordering your product

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