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Release Control“Releasing control of something is often that feeling of peace we all long for… let it flow like water…” ~Fran/Mysti~

How do we release things or situations that often keep us from receiving better and more abundance in our lives? I have heard people say “You must let go, let it flow, then you will begin to truly see and feel so much more!

I admit… there have been times I have released and then come right back later to pick it up again and try to solve it myself. I have held on too tight and have not allowed Spirit to help me to see and feel that there may be other opportunities. I know a song by Garth Brooks called “Unanswered Prayers” and it makes sense… that we may ask for something from Spirit/God or the Universe, that we think we want or desire. We feel this desire is right for us. Some have said… that God didn’t answer their prayers because they didn’t receive what they asked for. This song, and I agree so much with it, says “thank God for unanswered prayers,” because what we thought was right for us, wasn’t the best thing… and by not getting it… we actually received what was right and better!! Isn’t that great?! I’ve been hard on myself at times and have tried to let go of a painful situation… have just tried too hard or thought until my head was hurting. Someone always comes along and tells me “just let it go, release it.” I used to think that was so hard to do, but it was what I truly wanted. I wanted to let go, and feel the peace I have felt before.

I was chatting with a friend recently and they put it so simply, that my energy was transformed immediately when I read what they said. They said, “Have you released this issue to Spirit… have you cried and just let it go?”

Oh boy… had I… cried I mean. I had been crying for days and most likely needed to cry some more. When we cry, we release more than just tears… there’s a change that occurs within us, biologically and spiritually too. I thought, “is that all there is to it, releasing it by crying?” Why do we often make things much harder than they are?

I’ve asked people how they release things in their lives and some of the answers I have received were…

I put old memories that have caused me pain into a small box in the back of my mind, then I put that box in another box, and then another box and keep going until I just don’t think about it anymore.

Some have said they visualize the situation being released in the running water of a stream, letting it float away… all the way to the ocean/universe.

Another said they place their concerns in a pink balloon and release it to the sky, believing that Spirit will handle it.

I will often go for a long walk out in the woods and will sit on a rock or find a spot that feels right. Then I will quiet my mind… looking up at the blue sky, feeling the earth beneath me, listening to the sounds. I then connect with all that is within me and around me… and talk to Spirit and Mother Earth. I ask to feel the peace and let all things flow in my life. I breathe in deeply taking in the good, positive energy and then I exhale letting out all of the doubt, fear and any negative energy I may have stagnant inside of me. As I do this I see myself cleansed and filled with light, peace and strength. Often the tears flow, because the feeling of release is so overwhelming and wonderful. I will sometimes lift my hands up to the sky and close my eyes, seeing them stretching upward higher and higher, feeling the power. I may even remove my shoes and feel the earth and also envision myself growing roots and digging deep within Mother Earth, going deeper to feel the energy within. Nature is so cleansing for me and I hope you will take time to connect with it.

However you deal with releasing things that you no longer want to worry or think about… and give them to Spirit/God… when you feel that you cannot release anymore… but still feel you need help… remember to ask your Higher power, the angels, your guide or helpers, the fairies and other elementals to help you to see the blue sky above and let go of the storm clouds and you will then be able to feel the breeze and see the light come through those clouds to a much lighter and love filled heart. Let it go… and let it flow

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